About Rembrandz

Rembrandz was founded in 1993. Drawn from an enthrepneurial effort from the 1980s

with a group of animators, marketers artists educators and tech experts.

In 2022 22 years later Rembrandz is still here to stay as a

digital entrepreneur with a loyal customer-base who comes to her

for her signature styles in animation, Illustration, business cartooning,

workplace training, video creative, communication and content publishing.

And commitment to quality and support

Business Cartoons | Animation

Editorial Cartoons, Management Cartoons, Technology Cartoons and Animation.

Book Illustration

Amazon Published, London Shows selected Illustrator, Pieces available as POD downloads o


Books, Interstitials, Public Service Films

62 Happy Clients

27 Years in Business

67392 Number of Hours

51 total Films

96 total Projects

75 Services

6 Partners

3 Total Continents

More about Rembrandz

Rembrandz in 2021

Amazingly, post-2020 she awakens to the fact her art and animation are her main tools to fulfill her calling in communication of decoding and keeping track of the truth how to survive on this planet with goodness & meaning. Rembrandz today has a market of her own. "Animates" with absolute Inclusivity, making exclusive content. Also qualified in communication, social marketing, management, technology and the art of healthy living, Rembrandz provides a 1-stop Creative Consultancy in 2021 & beyond.